Pedestrian plates Brown Tuff cm 5,5

An excellent solution for pedestrian pavement, public and private parks and gardens. especially economic.


Sheets tuff  uncertain floor for pedestrian flloring , excellent solution for pedestrian pavement of parks and gardens, public and private Especially economical.   A VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES FROM PRODUCER TO CONSUMER

Pedestrian Plates Tuff Pallet of 15 square meters - 5,5 cm thick

€ 180.00 Excluding TAX

product details
sku LPM1
title Pedestrian Plates Tuff
color Light brown
unit price €180.00
weight 1.000,00 Kg
dimensions Pallet of 15 square meters - 5,5 cm thick
square meters 15 m2
cubic meters 1
best for Ideal for flooring and Picnic Areas and Squares
buying min. 1
you pay only €160.00
buying min. 2
you pay only €310.00
buying min. 3
you pay only €450.00
All prices are expluding TAX
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Pallets of 15 metriquadri
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